Press Releases - 2009

Peter Lenz Update 10 Weeks Post His Season Ending Crash
August 12, 2009

(Vancouver, WA, USA) - Ten weeks ago 12-year old American 125GP racer Peter Lenz experienced a life-changing event when a combination of mechanical failures simultaneous occurred resulting in him crashing into an unprotected tire and concrete wall at an estimated 90 mph. Peter was in the ICU for several days and the hospital for two weeks. Six surgeries, five broken bones and one severed nerve later, Peter headed home beat up but optimistically determined.

Peter visited his surgeon today and was told that he would recover 100% from his injuries. He will have a short surgery to remove the external fixator removed from his leg on September 11th. After that he has six weeks until he will be cleared to return to sporting activities. Throughout this whole experience Peter has been learning who he is as a person and a racer, "This recovery has been hard, a difficult time. All the get well cards boosted me when I was in the hospital. It made me think about how much I appreciate everyone behind me. The cards, people visiting me, and calling me really helped me out," explained Peter

A constant motivation for Peter has been getting back on a bike, "It’s been hard because I haven’t heard the sound of my bike in weeks, it really makes me appreciate the time I have riding. I know that I want to race for as long as I can, it's what I want to do for sure. When I get back on the bike, I know I am going to be faster than I was. I have new motivation to go even harder. When I’m not riding I am really not myself, I don’t want to loose that part of me.

"Thanks to Arai, Impact Armor and Sidi for keeping me safe, and to all my sponsors that have stuck with me. My season was cut short, but even with that, it was one of the best years I’ve ever had. I learned a lot and look forward to getting back on the bike."

Peter will slowly work back into riding over the coming months as he regains his physical strength, first on dirt, then MiniGP bikes, finally returning to 125 GP bikes after he has regained his physical strength and full use of his left hand.

A new three minute video of Peter talking about riding, his crash and his motivation to come back in 2010 is viewable on YouTube here:


Young Gun Peter Lenz Seriously Injured In Portland Crash
June 04, 2009 - Road Racing World


R-Tech powered Lenz wins three in Phoenix
April 22, 2009 - R-Tech Racing Fuel

(Woodinville, WA) - 11-year old Peter Lenz took his R-Tech Racing Fuel powered 1996 Honda RS125 to three wins in competition this past weekend at Firebird.

Lenz was able to leverage the power provided by his R110 fueled machine to take wins in CCS SW’s 125GP, and Lightweight GP, he also placed a respectable 3rd in the USGPRU 250GP race on his 125. The highlight of Lenz’s weekend however was when he won the USGPRU 125GP national race.

While Lenz’s bikes are 13 years old, by using R-Tech’s R110 his BigB Racing built non A-Kit machine was able to deliver top performance. A post race dyno run at EDR Performance in Portland showed the bike put out a solid 43.81 horsepower.

Lenz currently leads both the UGPRU 125GP and 250GP West coast region championships.
To find out more about R-Tech Racing Fuel or locate a dealer near you visit:


Lenz, Lewis, Rolleri Win In USGPRU West Action At Firebird Raceway
Apr 19, 2009 - USGPRU, edited for space

The USGPRU landed in Arizona last weekend to race with Road Race Southwest at Firebird East. Temperatures reached 94 degrees on race day, but the USGPRU racers kept their cool to put on a great show.

The Pilot 125GP was a barnburner event. Pole-sitter Jake Lewis was joined on the front row with Ryan Matter, Michael Martin and Peter Lenz. Lenz got the hole-shot with Lewis and Joe Roberts charging hard. The end of lap one would see those three starting to gap the rest of the field as they were nose to tail. With three laps in, Lewis had a huge scare for himself and the fans as he nearly lost it in turn 10. That bobble forced Roberts to check up a little as Lewis rejoined in third. That gave Lenz a gap that would never be closed as he went on to claim the checkered flag. Lewis, after his bobble, was able to close on Roberts as they battled to the end, but Robert’s strong performance was enough for second place. Cameron Gish and Matter rode a terrific race as they swapped positions several times for fourth with Matter crossing the line just in front of Gish.

In the Moto-Liberty/RS-Taichi 250GP race, pole-winner Melissa Paris grabbed the hole-shot with her Pirelli shod 250 over Vince Rolleri, Peter Lenz, Joe Roberts and Kevin Winter. Paris made a small but critical mistake on the backside of the track that allowed Rolleri to take the lead. Paris' mistake was early in the race and she was able to make up the distance to Rolleri just past the halfway mark. Rolleri soon found himself in a struggle to stay in front of Paris. Her strong point was braking and turn entry, but his TZ250 had a more potent motor and he was able to hold the lead to the checkered flag. Lenz cruised to a third place finish with Roberts placing fourth and Lex Hartl making a last lap pass to round out the top five.

Full Results:
Pilot 125GP Race
1. Peter Lenz (Hon)
2. Joe Roberts (Hon)
3. Jake Lewis (Hon)
4. Ryan Matter (Hon)
5. Cameron Gish (Hon)
6. Lex Hartl (Hon)
7. Mikey Martin (Hon)
8. Rocky Morales (Hon)
9. Andrew Artola (Hon)
10. Andre Ochs (Hon)

MotoLiberty / RS Taichi 250GP Race
1. Vince Rolleri (Yam)
2. Melissa Paris (Hon)
3. Peter Lenz (Hon)
4. Joe Roberts (Hon)
5. Lex Hartl (Hon)
6. Kevin Winter (Yam)
7. Andre Ochs (Hon)
8. Tony Digati (Yam)
9. Andrew Artola (Yam)


USGPRU kicks off 2009 season
March 22, 2009 - USGPRU

Buttonwillow, CA. - March 22, 2009 - The 2009 USGPRU season got off to a windy start at Buttonwillow Raceway last weekend, hosted by American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM). There was a wide range of talent out on the track as racing veterans mixed it up with some of the fastest kids on 2 wheels.
On Saturday, the Pilot 125GP Qualifying Round was held during moderate temperatures and high winds. Benny Solis Jr., on a break from his stint in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, snagged pole position with 1:55.879, followed by Bennie Taylor and Jake Lewis. The under-16 set clinched the top 10 spots, with racing veterans Phill Krenn and Deb Barton qualifying 11th and 12th, respectively.

Rain and heavy winds plagued Buttonwillow Saturday night. Racers woke up to wet pavement and questionable riding conditions Sunday morning. The weather gods cooperated with the racers though, and although the wind kept up all day, the rain subsided before rubber hit the track for practice.
The Moto Liberty/RS-Taichi 250GP qualifying session on Sunday morning resulted in Peter Lenz’s 1:58.650 being good enough for pole position, followed by Bennie Taylor (1:59.266), Joe Roberts (2:00.467), Phill Krenn (2:06.139) and Barrett Meeker (2:14.149) to round out the top five.
The Moriwaki MD250H qualifying was held during blustery cold winds, but the kids worked it out. Benny Solis Jr. grabbed another pole position with a 2:01.241 lap, followed closely by Jake Lewis (2:01.568). Luis “Rocky” Morales, Lex Hartl, and Conor Matthews rounded out the top five.

Jake Lewis grabbed the hole shot at the start of the Pilot 125GP race. But a small bobble quickly had him in third as Lenz and Solis completed the first lap. Lenz looked strong in his USGPRU debut, and was able to hold off Solis. But Lenz also made a mistake going wide in the last turn dropping him down to fourth behind Matter. The four way battle lasted until two laps remaining when Solis checked out and never looked back. Lewis, who had regrouped, held on to second with Matter and Lenz charging behind and Matter earning his first podium at the line. Taylor rode home to a solid fifth-place finish in his first national race.

The Moto Liberty/ RS-Taichi 250 GP race saw Marcello del Giudice launch into the lead into turn one. However, he slowly went backwards as the younger racers got up to speed. Lenz held a draft to the “Lost Hills” turn to out-brake del Giudice. Taylor, also close in tow, made his pass into second on the following lap with Roberts moving into fourth. Taylor took the lead from Lenz and started to open a little breathing room on his way to victory. Roberts made his way into third on the last lap with Krenn crossing the line in fifth. After post race inspection, Krenn and Meeker were elevated to fourth and fifth respectively as del Giudice failed to show for tech inspection.

The Moriwaki MD250H Powered by HONDA race was another fantastic event for the fans and racers alike. Solis, Lewis and Matter were nose to tail, dicing it up lap after lap. Lewis and Solis swapped the lead multiple times with Matter content to take advantage of anyone’s mistakes. Hartl and Morales had a great scrap for fourth and fifth. With one lap remaining, Lewis made a pass on Solis. Solis returned the favor once again only to get held up in lap traffic. That allowed Lewis and Matter to go by Solis. Matter had a great run on Lewis coming out of the last turn but the defending champion Lewis snagged the victory.

A few egos may have been bruised this weekend, but all of the USGPRU riders wrapped up the weekend injury-free. Thank you to Shawn, Barbara, Paddy and the rest of the AFM Staff, the corner workers and safety crews for making this weekend a successful one.


Peter Lenz signs with Sidi boots
March 16, 2009 - MotoNation

Motonation is please to announce the signing of up and coming road racer Peter Lenz to an agreement where he will be wearing Sidi Vortice boots long term. Motonation’s President Bill Berroth commented; "Recently Colin Edwards contacted me about Peter as he is assisting with Peter and his family’s race efforts this season. Sidi always believes in working as family with its sponsored riders so if Colin is behind Peter then Sidi and Motonation are too, we are pleased to bring Peter on and hope to grow the relationship in the years (decades?) to come."

Peter will be racing in the all new Sidi Vortice boot and had this to say; "I'm proud to be sponsored by Sidi. Sidi has had a mean looking, high tech boot. I am hoping Sidi will protect me for a long time. It's cool to have Bill helping along with Colin Edwards, I truly feel fortunate."


R-Tech Racing Fuels Partners With 11-Year Old 125GP Racer Peter Lenz
March 7, 2009 - R-Tech Racing Fuels

(Woodinville, WA) - R-Tech Racing Fuels begins a new chapter in GP racing with their support of 11-year old 125GP racer Peter Lenz. R-Tech Racing Fuels’ Pro v.1 and Outlaw 4-stroke fuels have a reputation of superior power delivery. However it is a better kept secret that R-Tech’s R110 is a perfect fuel for 2-stroke GP competition. R-Tech looks forward to pulling the curtain back on R110 through their partnership with Lenz as he pursues several 125GP championships.

“We have been watching Peter for several years and have always been impressed with his maturity as a rider and character as a young man. We are glad to have the opportunity to work with such a talented road racer and nice family,” said Gary Ricci founder of R-Tech Racing Fuels. “Peter will be able to show what our R110 fuel was formulated to do, win races.”

The newly formed partnership has already paid dividends when Lenz set the 125GP track record at Firebird East earlier this month in CCS SW competition using R-Tech’s R110 race fuel.

The R110 racing fuel was designed to work in both 4-stroke applications and the demanding 2-strokes that Lenz is racing now.

"The R110 has been flawless. Initially I tuned the bikes conservatively to find a baseline, it turned out I didn’t need to bother," explained Brian Ens, Lenz’s tuner. “The fuel burned better and was easier to tune then any other fuel I have used.”

Building on his early season success Lenz will participate in WERA, CCS and USGPRU races on R-Tech powered Honda RS125s.

To find out more about R-Tech Racing Fuel or locate a dealer near you visit:


Peter sets record on Bridgestones with CCS SW at Firebird East on RS125 with 59.14
March 3, 2009

Bridgestone saw their newest 125GP rider, 11-year old Peter Lenz, take his Bridgestone shod 1996 Honda RS125 to two wins and a new 125 track record this weekend at Firebird International Raceway (East Course) in CCS SW competition.

Lenz turned his impressive 59.14 on the tenth lap of the Lightweight GP race. What makes the 59.14 time even more impressive is that Lenz'’s Bridgestone 125 Slicks had over 100 laps on them at the time of the record breaking lap.

Lenz was able to adapt to the Bridgestone tires and was up to speed quickly in his first visit to the Firebird East track.

"I didn't know what to expect from the Bridgestones, but after one practice session I got a good feel for the tires. They were predictable, and even with over a 100 laps on them they still felt and looked good," explained Lenz.

Lenz who resides in Washington state is supported by Troy McCrae owner of Pennell Powersports the Northwest'’s Bridgestone race tire distributor. "Pennell Powersports and Bridgestone are very excited to be working with Peter for the 2009 season. Peter is a very talented rider and Bridgestone will be working closely with Peter to help him achieve all of his goals. Pennell Powersports and Bridgestone see Peter as the future of road racing in the US. We are excited to see Peter progress, and will give him the support he needs to succeed," commented McCrae.


Lenz wins 2008 Candian Motorcycle Association MAX Award
January 19, 2009 - CMA, edtied for space

The Motorcycle Awards of Excellence (MAX Awards), Canada's motorcycle 'Oscars' were presented in over 50 categories including Canadian Racing Champions, Rider Achievement, Media and Sponsorship, showing excellence during the 2008 motorcycle year at North American International Motorcycle Supershow.

Winners were selected by the MAX Awards Committee, with input from the Canadian Motorcycle Association, journalist Steve Bond, track announcer Frank Wood, magazine editor Larry Tate, as well as individuals who send in nominations throughout the year.

Here is the list of the Winners presented at the show. Congratulations to all the well deserved winners:

MAX Awards for RIDERS (removed) - 19 riders

MAX Awards for RACERS

Speedway - Jeff Orosz, Caistorville, ON
Enduro - Patrick Beaule, Ste. Julie, QC
Trials - Maxime Gobeil, Alma, QC
Hare Scrambles - Jake Stapleton, Parry Sound, ON
Dirt Track - Don Taylor, Welland, ON
ATV Dirt Track - David Dent, Lyndonville, NY
Road Racing - Jordan Szoke, Brantford, ON
Vintage Road Racing - Stan Nicholson, Kinburn, ON
Motocross (CMRC) - Colton Facciotti, Aldergrove, BC
Motocross (CMA) - Brady Sheren, Surrey, BC
Women's Motocross (CMRC) - Jacqueline Ross, Palm Bay, FL
Youth Motocross - Josh Hamelin, Langley, BC
Ice Racing - Jerry Alcock, Hunters, WA
Mini Road Racing - Peter Lenz, Vancouver, WA
Women's Road Racing - Marie Josee Boucher, Montreal, QC
Supermoto - Dave Arnold, Richmond Hill, ON
National Roadracing Rookie of the Year - Alex Welsh, Uxbridge, ON
International Competition - Miguel Duhamel, Las Vegas, NV
International Competition - Chris Peris, Calgary, AB
International Competition - Women's Cup Challenge Team
Tuner - Mike Crompton, Markham, ON
Tuner - Kurt Biegger, Hamilton, ON
Achievement - Jordan Szoke, Brantford, ON
Achievement - Clint McBain, Alberta
Motorcycle Recognition - Team Cops
Motorcycle Track - Calabogie MotorSports Park
Motorcycle Event - BMW Canada Media Day
Motorcycle Milestone - Don Taylor, Welland, ON
Motorcycle Milestone - CRCA 50th Anniversary
Sponsorship - Parts Canada
Sponsorship - Waste Management Canada
Magazine - Cycle Canada 125 Series
Motorcycle Book - Lawrence Hacking, Georgetown, ON