Press Releases - 2008


Millenium Technologies to help support 125GP racer Peter Lenz
November 18, 2008

Millennium Technologies has agreed to provide repair and maintenance services for cylinders and cylinder heads to 11-year old American motorcycle road racer Peter Lenz.

“We sponsor many racers and teams but we really wanted to help someone young that our expertise and attention to detail could really make a difference in their race program,” explained Millennium Technologies owner Chris Hackl. “KWS's Chip Spalding brought Peter to our attention and we were happy to oblige. Peter has a bright future in road racing and we are very happy to be part of it.”

Peter Lenz will be busy in 2009 as he begins racing 125 GPs full-time with the USGPRU series and select WERA and WMRRA events and continue his training with the California Superbike School. The miles will add up.

"Having a partner like Millennium Technologies to help keep things in top shape is critical. Without companies investing in Peter like Millennium is now, he wouldn't be able to keep moving forward in a safe and effective manner," commented Peter's father, Michael Lenz.

Peter will begin the 2009 season with the WERA season opener in January at California Speedway. To keep up with his racing, head over to

For more information on Millennium Technologies and the services they provide head over to:


American Peter Lenz Cleans Up In Canada
July 29, 2008

Young American motorcycle road racer, Peter Lenz, couldn’t ask for more after his stellar results this weekend’s joint Canadian National (CNMRA), Can-Am Championship (CAMRC) races held in Abottsford, British Columbia. During Sunday’s main events Peter won all his races but one, in which he finished second after starting from the back row.

A big thank you to racers Josh Galster, Justin Watkins and Jake Holden for relaying Peter’s RSF150R home from California in time for Eric Dorn and EDR Performance to do a tune-up before the race weekend. Another big thank you to Barry Wressell of KFG for his late Friday evening work rebuilding the two forks with completely blown seals. Without the help of these guys this weekend would not have happened the way it did.

Saturday practice and qualifying heats were not without incident. Peter’s Honda NSR50 made a very unhealthy noise during qualifying and was parked. Race Director, Brian Ens, offered his personal NSR to Peter to allow him to continue the weekend. And while leading the Under-21 Formula GP qualifier, Peter was hit by another rider sending his RSF150R to the tarmac, resulting in Peter qualifying dead last.
Peter came out swinging in Sunday’s morning practice and there was no doubt that he had his game face on and was ready to race.

Peter and his competitors put on a good series of races throughout the day. Through all the action Peter was able to win the Spec Supersport, Formula Thunder, Under-21 Spec Supersport, and Formula GP races. And even though he started on the last row, Peter was able to make his way through traffic to finish on the rear wheel of Bodie Edie in the hard fought Under-21 Formula GP race.
“I enjoyed the Formula Thunder class the most, it was the first time that I had ever raced with my dad,” commented Peter.

“The track was pretty tight and narrow, I was able to keep Peter behind me for a couple corners and finished 2nd and 3rd in the motos,” said Peter’s father, Michael Lenz.
“(Laughs) You forgot to mention I was lapping you, Dad. I would have passed you sooner, but wanted to wheelie past you on the exit,” smiled Peter as he gave his father a hug.
Additionally Peter won all four of the concurrently run Can-Am Motorcycle Racing Championship classes; Vortex Racing NSR Cup, Motion Pro Super 50, Sudco and RK Excel America (co-sponsored) Formula Extreme, and the Pro Honda Oils & Chemicals Formula GP. Peter also leads all four CAMRC classes in the overall championship points.

All told, the weekend would be memorable for a number of reasons. This was the last planned trip to Canada for racing as Peter shifts his focus towards GP bikes stateside, but in particular because of that “race” with his dad.

Peter will be in action again August 8-10th with the CMRRA at the Streets of Willow Springs.


Lenz and Edie dominate Calgary in CAMRC
June 30, 2008 - CAMRC

American, Peter Lenz, and Canadian, Bodie Edie, dominated the second round results of the Can-Am Mini Motorcycle Roadracing Championship held in Calgary, Alberta this past Monday. This round of the series was run by the CNMRA (Canadian National Mini Roadracing Association) as part of their regular national series.

The Can-Am Mini Motorcycle Roadracing Championship has the support of people like Becca Livingston of Spider Grips. “Spider Grips sees the Can-Am Mini Motorcycle Racing Championship as a terrific way for young riders to develop their talents and to showcase the thrill of road racing at all levels. Spider's advanced technology helps these young riders compete fiercely on the track and we're very excited to see the results after each round of racing.”

Series favorite, Peter Lenz, arrived Sunday afternoon expecting to have the scheduled practice to come to terms with the track (a new direction for him) and his second time in the saddle of his RS85. The practice time was cut short and Lenz had only one ten minute session to learn the track and set-up his bike before 6-lap heat races started. His rush resulted in a very uncharacteristic crash for Lenz as he unfortunately lost the front of his RS85 on the grass and broke the frame and sidelined the ride. Lenz used the heat races to learn from his competition and stole pole from Bodie Edie with last corner passes in both the Vortex Racing NSR Cup and Motion Pro Super 50 qualifying races. Lenz also took pole in Formula Extreme, a class that was sparsely attended at this round. Edie took pole in Formula GP with a solid win on his RS85.

Monday saw Lenz and Edie continue their form from the previous day as the two young riders showed the fast way around the track. Lenz won the Vortex Racing NSR Cup with Edie second, joined by old-timer and AMRA president, Jay Fox, on the podium.

NSR mounted Lenz continued his streak with a win in Motion Pro Super 50 again followed by NSR mounted Edie with Ontario resident and OMMRA multi-time champion, Lee Kuhn Jr. rounding out the podium aboard his CBR125, making it an all Honda podium. Lenz also took the win in Sudco and RK Excel America Formula Extreme aboard his KTM65.

The main event was the Pro Honda Oils & Chemicals Formula GP. Lenz jumped out to a quick lead as he got the holeshot. He wasn't able to hold off Edie long for as soon as they hit the straight Edie's RS85 motored past Lenz and his underpowered KTM65 backup ride. Folks were looking forward to a rematch of the Edmonton race a month before where both boys were on RS85s and trading paint with the races decided in the final seconds. This time Edie had a commanding lead and was able to pull out almost a second a lap on Lenz. Canadian Superbike racer Dave Stokowski had spent the last four days racing his ZX-10 at the Superbike National next door and joining in on the mini fun, was able to close down to five seconds of Lenz, but not any closer.


Rain, a lapper, a loose nut, and two wins
May 21, 2008

It isn’t often that a racer will travel 24 hours to a race in another country with a bike he had never ridden, but that is exactly what Peter Lenz did this past weekend. The results were very good all things considered. Peter ended up with two second place finishes on the new bike and two wins on his two trusty steeds and a tough fourth place finish in the rain.

Peter’s 1994 Honda RS85 was only finished at 4am Friday morning. The bike is powered by a bone stock 1998 Honda CR85 motor and was dyno’d by Eric Dorn of EDR Performance the day before, putting out 18.8hp. Other Formula GP motors have been known to produce easily over 10 more horsepower than the motor Peter was going to run. It was going to be a challenging weekend on a number of fronts.

Peter rode at Stratotech Park Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta one year prior when he rode his 50cc and 65cc MiniGP bikes in the CMA sanctioned CNMRA event. He enjoyed the track so much, he was willing to make the long drive to repeat last year’s wins.

After only one practice session, Peter put the RS85 on the front row with the second fastest qualifying time behind 13-year old Bodhi Edie from Warman, Saskatchewan. He also made a good showing with the Honda NSR50 and his KTM65, taking pole in several classes.

Come Sunday the weather turned from 70 degrees and sunny to cold and rainy. Even though Peter lives in Washington state he has minimal rain racing experience and the first race of the day was patchy wet. After loosing the front and rear multiple times in the opening laps of the Under 21 Spec class aboard his NSR50, Peter settled into a safe pace and came home a distant 4th.

In the Formula GP race aboard his stock RS85 Peter was determined to show that there is more to riding than horsepower alone as he took his underpowered RS85 and made his way in front of early leader, Canadian Superbike regular Dave Stokowski. He also fought off the continual hounding of Edie with his own seemingly rocket ship powered RS85. When he was passed by power Peter made his way back around Edie in the corners. As the race progressed Peter continued to learn the track with his new big wheeled bike and made it harder and harder for Edie to pass him down the straights as Peter got better and better drives down the long Stratotech straights. The race was by far the best with Edie and Peter swapping the lead several times, riding within inches of each other. The race came down to the last two corners when they came upon a lapper, Peter who was leading went around the outside while Edie went underneath. The lapper stood up as Edie went underneath pushing Peter wide and killing his drive to the line. Edie was able to pull out the win by a bike length over Peter.

Bodhi Edie and Peter squared off again on their RS85s in the Under 21 Formula GP race. This time Peter got the holeshot and easily led the race until his bike wouldn’t shift and Edie got by. Peter started to loose touch with Edie as the shifting problems continued and severe chatter developed. Peter brought his bike home two seconds back of Edie for second place. Upon returning to the pits it was obvious what the issue was, the swingarm bolt had lost its nut and backed out - far enough that it was preventing the shiftlever from moving and the chatter Peter had felt was in fact the swingarm working itself loose of the frame. Peter was lucky to even bring the bike back to the pits let alone turn the lap times he did and finish only two seconds back.

In the Spec Supersport race Peter put his 2004 Honda NSR50 out to a sizable lead and brought home the win. Peter repeated the performance aboard his KTM65 in the Formula Thunder race winning again by a sizable margin.

Due to the current price of gas and the lack of financial backing Peter’s race season has been shortened and additional dates are also at risk.


California Superbike School Continues Education Of Racer Peter Lenz
April 3, 2008

10-year old motorcycle road racer Peter Lenz has taken another big step in his riding development. Peter spent this past Saturday and Sunday at The Streets of Willow Springs riding at the California Superbike School. That was immediately followed by two days with the CodeRACE School. By the end of the four days Peter had shown exactly why Keith Code and the California Superbike School are continuing their full support of the little guy for the 2008 season.

"My staff and I have been coaching Peter for the past 2 1/2 years and are proud of his riding accomplishments. Having Peter come to our regular schools and to our RACE program only re-enforced our original estimation of how worthwhile a competitor he is and what a great student of the art can accomplish. Peter is very dedicated, very alive and very fast," stated Keith Code.

After four days of coaching, Peter's lap times dropped into the 1:28s which is about six seconds off documented 125GP lap times. Rather impressive when you take into account Peter was riding an 85GP class Honda RSF150R (an RS125 with an CRF150R powerplant) and the 22 horsepower motor had to take on the infamous Willow Springs winds.

“I was excited and nervous when I first went out on the track with all the grown-ups, but after a couple minutes I forgot about that and just did the drills like I was supposed to. I had a great time and I learned a lot. They fixed lots of things with my riding. Dylan, Misti, Will, Stuman, and of course Keith were all great and made me feel part of their team. I can't wait to go back later this month,” commented Peter.

Riders under the age of 14 are eligible to attend the California Superbike School under certain conditions. Parents of under age riders should contact the California Superbike School office for more information by calling toll-free, (800) 530-3350 to see if they qualify for the age exemption granted to Peter by the School's insurance carrier.

For more information on the California Superbike School, CodeRACE School or Keith Code to see how you can Discover the Art, visit or call (800) 530-3350.


Peter Lenz kicks the seasons off, on the gas
March 21, 2008

10-year old motorcycle road racer Peter Lenz of team FNB Racing kicked off his 2008 season this past weekend in Stockton, CA. Peter raced in six classes on three different motorcycles, taking four wins, a second and a third.

Leaving their home in Vancouver, Washington late Friday evening Peter and his dad drove all night to travel the 700 miles arriving in Stockton for early Saturday afternoon practice. Not having ridden the track in a year, Peter set about re-familiarizing himself with the track, its new surface, new Dunlop tires, and his new ride, a Honda CRF150R powered RS125 (aka RSF150R). After 6 hours of hard practice time, Peter was able to play a bit on track with Red Bull MotoGP Academy rider, Cameron Beaubier before calling it a night.

“It was really nice to have Cameron spend time with Peter both on and off the track. He is a rider that Peter looks up to and it really meant a lot to him to be out there with Cameron,” commented Peter's father, Michael Lenz.

Sunday morning Peter jumped out of his sleeping bag put on his gear and headed out to practice. Final tire pressure changes where made and the heat races started. Peter had not ridden his Honda NSR50 since the last NMRRA race the previous fall, but he didn't appear to slow down much as he took pole in three of the four classes he rode the bike in. He put his 65 motard on pole in Formula Extreme and took a respectable 4th in the first heat aboard his Honda RSF150R. By this time Peter had already turned a hundred laps and it wasn't even lunchtime.

After a short lunch break the main events started. Peter had a nice exchange in the early going of the Formula 50 race with Craig Harper before taking the win. On his 65 Peter ran unchallenged in the Formula Extreme class as he led flag to flag. In the Expert Trophy Dash Peter came from the last row to catch and challenge ex-AMA Pro Racer Bryan Edginton before running out of laps.

In the Honda NSR Cup, Team 65's Josh Serne got out front early and held Peter off for the lead until midway in the race where Peter made his way around Josh and pulled out a gap to take the win. In Super 50, again it was Peter out front with Josh finishing in the number two spot. The last race of the day was the 80GP race, at which point Peter had turned 150 laps, and over 250 in the last 24 hours.

“The RS was fun to ride and going three wide into the tight right hander was fun. I didn't think three bikes would even fit, but when you lay on top of each other they do. I did what I could in the 80 race but the RS is a big bike, and the track is so tight it just wore me out,” explained Peter.

Peter ran out of steam on lap six of the main as reflected by his drop in laptimes. Bryan Edginton and 2008 AMA Red Bull Rookies Cup rider, Cameron Gish pulled out a five second lead leaving Peter in a respectable third.

This was also the first race with new sponsors: Pro Honda Oils & Chemicals, Motion Pro, RK Racing Chains, and Spider Grips. A big thank you to them for their belief in and support of Peter.